Broken watch parts are a fun source of creative jewelry ideas.  Wrapping them with wires.  Adding beads.  Attaching images.  You can turn these little broken treasures into all sorts of goodies.  This little watch part pendant is easy to make and has limitless possibilities.  I’ve included a vintage image in this example.  But you could use a small photo of a loved one too.


  • Small Image of Bird
  • Empty Watch Case
  • freshwater pearls
  • chain
  • small jump rings


  1. Open the back of a small wrist watch case
  2. insert your image
  3. Close back
  4. string 3 freshwater pearls onto 1 eyepin each to create a dangle
  5. add freshwater pearl dangles to jumpring
  6. attach jumpring with pearls to bottom loop of watch case
  7. attach another empty jumpring to top loop of watch case
  8. string a small chain through jumpring on top

Alternative Method

If you have an empty watch case that is missing either the front or back you’ll need to improvise just a little.

To replace a back fill the item with your image and then polymer clay.  Bake the piece till the clay is cured.

To replace a front insert the image into the case.  Stuff some paper into the back so that it won’t fall in.  Then cover the image with Diamond Glaze (or another paper glaze).  Let the piece dry completely.