The Supplies You’ll Need:

  • assorted coordinating seed beads
  • thin craft wire such as tigertail wire
  • large glass dome
  • print of vintage image
  • diamond glaze
  • very strong tape or
  • E6000
  • 2 inch piece of felt
  • lace or ribbon necklace

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. print a small 1.5 inch image onto a sheet of paper
  2. add a few drops of diamond glaze to the top
  3. and set a 1.5 round glass dome onto the diamond glaze
  4. let dry 2-3 hours and cut with sharp scissors
  5. using a very strong tape or E6000 secure a 3 foot piece of craft wire to the center back of the dome
  6. begin to string beads onto the wire
  7. winding the beaded wire around the glass dome row upon row till it covers the rounded edge on the face of the dome
  8. take the remaining wire and loop it from the top of the rows to the bottom
  9. leave a space of about 1/2″ and loop the wire from the bottom to the top and back through to the bottom
  10. pull tightly to begin to form a tight “wall” with the beads
  11. repeat until you’ve gone around the entire dome and
  12. secure the tail onto the back of the dome
  13. snip away excess wire that goes past the center of the dome
  14. repeat step 5 with about 12 of wire to the back of the dome
  15. thread it through the back of beads to the dome’s front so that it comes up at the top of the image
  16. thread beads onto about 1/2 inch of the wire and then loop the wire through the back to the front
  17. repeat two to three more times until you’ve formed a strong pendant hanger (aka… bail)
  18. using very strong tape of E6000 secure the remaining wire to the center back of the dome
  19. snip away excess
  20. cut a small piece of felt 1 1/2 inch round and secure to the back of the dome (this will prevent your clothing from being snagged by the wire end snippets)
  21. run a piece of necklace ribbon or lace through the bail & wear.

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